Monday, August 11, 2008

Sleeping with Giants

Well i finally finished my room. Now i finally have time to draw more. : )

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wow i sure know how to spend my weekends.On saturday iu'm pretty sure i did nothing but hang out with myself.But on Sunday i started redoing my room upstairs, and i had a horrible headache the whole time. It was unbearable. I decided to take a shower because normally showers help my headaches out. I was in there for a good thirty mintutes with still the same pounding headache. I decided that this shower wasn't helping at all so i got out. As i was walking back to my room i started to feel dizzy and my stomach started heaving over and over. i fianlly rushed to the toliet just in time. i couldn't stop vomiting and there was nothing in my stomach because i hadn't eaten anything. I really hate puking. espically in toliets when i know what goes in toliets normally. It just makes me feel more sick.I fell asleep on my bed shortly afterwards listening to jazz music.kinda weird but my mom popped in a cd for me and for some reason she chose..jazz. but i'm not complaining. i kinda like it. when i woke up it was around like 3:00 i'd say. my head was still pounding and i was in no mood to go to the art show that was going on in downtown glens falls. I tried to get my mind off of thinking about my headache so i doodled a little bit and this is the result.
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not so bad i suppose. but I still need to finish it.


Nicole Linette said...

Wow, you're "doodles" are pretty amazing. I'm sorry that you were sick, vomitting is the worst. Thanks for reading my blog! :]

And no, I normally don't put cinammon or powdered sugar on my crepes because I tend to grab the Nutella & ice cream first! :D Haha but I'll definitely try it next time.


Skippy said...

I like your artwork
And I hate throwing up, it's just so gross and violent. Headachs are the pits too, I get them if I read to much.

~Jay~ said...

Love yr. drawings} ur. amazing~

Hannah said...

I hope you feel better :[ There's nothing I hate more than "getting sick". Haha I can't even say the word, it's that bad with me :P

I love the artwork! My sister is also really into photography and art, and you both have sort of the same style going on :] I really like it! Yours is very original, keep it up :D

Thank you for coming and visiting my blog! Come back anytime :]


aivilo relluf said...

I probably would've cried if it was noticibly shorter, but it's not too much :P. I'm sorry you got sick, man. How are you feeling now? Hopefully not too bad to come tonight. Your two drawings are both amazing :):) I especially like the bottom one, it's so.. I don't know-- awesome.

I like going to new places with you too :).