Sunday, August 17, 2008

The world is upside down.

ahh so much has happened during these past few days.Now that my family all went out to take a walk i finally have time to be on the computer :P

- i gave my sister a little bit of a haircut. she likes it so i'm happy :)
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-On Thursday around 10PM i got a call from my friend jenna ( who also goes by the name of vajenna,jennatalia, hxc gina, or gina hah interesting way how she got all those names..) asking me if i wanted to go to cody's bonfire with her. Olive and shayla were also invited along. Now i normally think bonfires are as boring as hell. i mean you never really do anything around them, besides like talk..and sit..and occasionally roast marshmellows.and maybe you're lucky enough to pretend to be cold and snuggle with someone.But otherwise BORING!! but i decided to go along anyway because was a chance to do something new and all i was doing that night was downloading song off of frostwire, 2. I like cody and never get a chance to tlak to him or any of his friends..and i do wish to become friends with them..they're all so cool haha :P, and 3. I can't pass up a offering of chillen with Jenna. so i went anyway. We later picked up shayla and then we were on our way there. We sat by the fire blah blah boring. then we went around front and waited by jenna's super awesome car for olive to arrive. Shayla was telling me about someone who think's i'm cute :) who's not like a freak or anything, which is a total plus. Olive finally came after being held up at work. I wanted to go back by the fire while the guys played basketball because i was cold. but shayla said i couldn't because i had to play a certain 'game' in which i had no idea what she was talking about. jenna had to leave early because her mom wanted her home so she dropped off all of us. on the way home shayla finally explained the game to me and said i had to try to get 'dating points' or something. i guess i understand..? ...maybe

later that night me and olive got home around one. we couldn't sleep so we ordered hard candy on demand. I liked that movie but what really kinda creeped me out is that our photograph teacher looks just like the pedophile in the movie ( and in the movie the pedophile IS a photographer) haha creepy..we still couldn't sleep after that movie so we just had one of our famous amanda and olvie conversation. talking about how what we want to be in life,love lives,how we hate where we live, and how we can improve things. i'm really glad i have someone who has so much in common with me. I find myself very lucky to have a best friend like her. we were supposed to go to walmart at 5AM becasue my mom tells me that all the creeps who shop at walmart are still sleeping. which is true. well she never took us so we slept in until about 11. i woke up before olive and continued to clear out my room. she left. came back. took me to walmart. she ate paneras. dropped me off. i continued to clean. she picked me up again. went ot photography course. then she left again to go to a party in which i could not attend to.

-My german relatives came over! only my oma and opa (german for grandma and grandpa) came over this time around. but it's all good. they arrived around 1AMish but i was already asleep so i didn't see them until the next morning. but the next morning i had a BUNCH of german chocolate and gummie for breakfast mmm :) theres even this chocolate made with chili peppers and it's so goooood.Everybody is speaking german nad i have no idea what they are saying!! oh oh next year my parents are thinking aboout sending me to germany next summer vaction! i really hope it happens but i'm not getting my hopes up. I cleared out my room and moved all my stuff downstairs to my new tiny room. god i miss my old room so much :( and it's only been like a day. I feel like my room is where i can get away from everybody. Well i guess i can do the same to my new room..but it's just not the same :( :( :( and through all this cleaning i think i threw out a good 10 bags full of garbage.
my old room now.
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and here's the new room i'll be staying in for 1 month. >:( well atleast i fixed it the way i wanted it..
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- i went to the great escape with Olive, shayla and Julie. It was alot of fun. It was wicked crowded and we only went on..6 rides all together. We were supposed to get free food with the tickets but there were these stupid girls around the age of 15 who didn't even know what they were doing. so we ended up not getting free food. But julie works there so she gets a discount. They all had french fries but nothing looked good appitizing for me so i just didn't eat anything.They all tried to feed me frenchfries but i didn't give in haha >:) . there was this part where we saw diving pirates. we all got wet and olive tried to dash out so her new camera wouldn't get wet. my cellphone was in my back pocket and it got soaked. when we were trying to leave the pirates kept dumping buckets of water on us. so we were damp for the rest of the day. we went on a balloon ride about 5 times in a row. we all were talking in english accents saying " could we have another go?" " bloody wankers!" "Cheerio!" me and julie got these killer lobster sunglasses. we went on the despardo plunge and got pictures afterwards. the stupid lady cut my head off in the picture and wouldn't fix it. So i pretty much paid $5 for a keychain with my head cut was getting late and we were all getting tired and i was getting hungry. so we all left afterwards. I really love hanging out with those guys. :)

-drawing wise.
well here's a picture i'm probley never going to finish.
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i think i've shown this picture to about 6 six people and got the same reaction. "IS THAT BOY NAKED?!" uhh yeah? jeesh. this is why i don't show my pictures to many people.Sometimes people just don't understand. haha wow don't i sound like a typical artist :P


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Skippy said...

You are the girl with the German relatives who makes good cookies! I read about it on Olive's blog, but I didn't know she was talking about you. That's cool. My Aba(my Grandma, I call her Aba)makes really awesome Rice pudding, I could eat that stuff all the time.

And five a.m is the best time to go to Wal-mart, or like eight-ish. When everyone is still sleeping.