Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here's my pet iguana! My boyfriend Jeff gave him to me as an early birthday present, today is our thrid week having him.
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Altough he is very skiddish around us now, it's going to take a while to get him to be used to us and trust us. He's just a baby now, but in a few years he's going to be as big as a small dog! I cannot wait ;) training him is going to be a long process, it might even be a few months until he starts to trust us. It is going to be a long process, but i believe it will be well worth it in the end!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


While i was watching tv, i came across a commercial about something called a snuggie.Me and Jeff always make fun of it ( least i do) but Jeff wanted one. and he was serious.soooo.. I got him one of these..

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it's like a blanket..but it has's like a robe..except it's backwards. It's totally strange. I suggest looking up the commercial on youtube. but i saw this at Boscovs when i went to a big ole mall with my buddies Olivia, Jewlie, and Jenna.When i gave Jeff the snuggie, he flipped out in excitement. He was pretty Happy with my gift i must say :) it's the least i could do seeing how he's getting me an IGUANA for my birthday. Did i mention i have a strange fetish for large reptiles? i mean iguanas get HUGE! they start out so small but in two years they become bigger then a small dog! i'm so excited!!!

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Prom dress shopping. ugh. i havent tried on many dresses because to tell you the truth..I don't really care. I found a dress for about $400, but my father will be paying for it..or so he said, he overexaggerates alot and tells lies that get your hopes up. Hopefully he'll stick to what he says otherwise i'll have to find another dress. I'm pretty satisfied with how i look in it..hopefully it's not gone becuae Jocelyns(the dress place) doesn't take holds. WHICH SUCKS!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have been thinking alot lately about my afterschool life.I have no idea what i'm going to do in my future life. Where am i going to go?Who is going to go with me and who am i going to leave? I don't want to loose the great friends i have now. I'm scared that i'm going to loose the one's i love most. One of my best friends, Julie, wants to go far away to South Carolina which is over 12 hours away from my little town. I know my father won't let me apply to a college so far away in distance. My brother tried to apply and my father denied him.I would like to go because for one it's ALWAYS WARM THERE! but still, i'm not sure.My other best friend, Olivia, is probably going to get into some big fancy smart college that i cannot even apply to.She is so school smart and she has a beautiful gift of writing, and i have diddily squat. I have no idea where Jeff plans on going after ACC (a local community college only a few mintutes away from here) He has his band and his music to follow.I do not plan on going to ACC, I want to see new places. I'm tired of seeing the same old same old. This thought really scares me

I don't want to move away on my own that's for sure. I always felt more comfortable if i have someone by my side.I don't want to leave any of my friends. I do not want that to happen but I feel although it is going to. I don't want to be away from my best friends, loose contact with them.If we move far away from eachother then we will start to loose our friendship, it's already happened to me before when i moved away from my hometown, Westport. I barely even talk to the people who i used to be good friends with. I do not want this to happen again. I do not want to see pictures of my best friends having a great time without me being there. I do not want to feel replaced with other people, Which i'm afraid will happen.

I know i shouldn't be feeling this worried now, i'm still only a junior. But this year is fast ending and i'm going to be a senior next year. I'm worried that next year will be horrible. Most of my closest friends are graduating this year, and I feel that Olivia will be accepted into the New visions. She will be leaving and i'll be stuck alone. I do not want this to happen. Why couldn't my parents have had me earlier? or in more reasonable matters, why couldn't i have tried harder in school? I'm scared. I want things to work out. I know i don't have answers now, and things will only unfold throughout time.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Some people have dream houses, such as a 2 story home with a red roof,white shutters,and a big front yard with flowers and trees closed in by a white picket fence.but that's not me.My dream house consits of a windmill. i'd like to live inside a windmill in the middle of a grassy green feild.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What to do incase Zombies attack.

Today was the first day of school and i was not excited to wake up at 5AM to get ready.But today was all good(besides the smouldering HEAT..and i was wearing skinny jeans :( ) because no body actually gets anything accomplished on the first day. Boring boring day. But here's what the title has to do with this entry. so it's late in the day and I'm sitting in US history. I really really hate any subject having to do with world history. I mean, I'm just not interested (besides the holocaust because that's actually interesting..) The teacher is amazing though. He went on explaining the rules for his class and such going on and on. He asks how much time we have left in the period and looks at the clock realizing we have about 10 minutes left until the final bell rings. "OK good i have enough time.." he says. "Now class, We all know this can happen at any moment so i always come prepared.I'm going to teach you how to Kill a zombie for when the zombies attack." and he was pretty darn serious too lol! He's in charge of the golf team so he has all the golf supplies in the back of his room. He was showing us where to hit a zombie (right in the head) and how not to get it stuck when you strike them. He even had a whole escape plan all set! He was selecting volunteers() to get buses around and come save us. He was going on and on about how zombies are retarded and how you can always outrun them unlike in the movies, also how you need to think of yourself first in a zombie attack. I can't wait to take that class :)

ALSO! my FAVOURITE band kings of Leon is coming out with a New CD this September! ahh I'm super excited! i can't waiiiit
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Friday, August 29, 2008

1 more to go!

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Just finished it today! and poor jacob at the end :( ohh i can't wait to finally start breaking dawn! i heard it's really intense .

and might i add that i wish i was bella...haha.