Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What to do incase Zombies attack.

Today was the first day of school and i was not excited to wake up at 5AM to get ready.But today was all good(besides the smouldering HEAT..and i was wearing skinny jeans :( ) because no body actually gets anything accomplished on the first day. Boring boring day. But here's what the title has to do with this entry. so it's late in the day and I'm sitting in US history. I really really hate any subject having to do with world history. I mean, I'm just not interested (besides the holocaust because that's actually interesting..) The teacher is amazing though. He went on explaining the rules for his class and such going on and on. He asks how much time we have left in the period and looks at the clock realizing we have about 10 minutes left until the final bell rings. "OK good i have enough time.." he says. "Now class, We all know this can happen at any moment so i always come prepared.I'm going to teach you how to Kill a zombie for when the zombies attack." and he was pretty darn serious too lol! He's in charge of the golf team so he has all the golf supplies in the back of his room. He was showing us where to hit a zombie (right in the head) and how not to get it stuck when you strike them. He even had a whole escape plan all set! He was selecting volunteers() to get buses around and come save us. He was going on and on about how zombies are retarded and how you can always outrun them unlike in the movies, also how you need to think of yourself first in a zombie attack. I can't wait to take that class :)

ALSO! my FAVOURITE band kings of Leon is coming out with a New CD this September! ahh I'm super excited! i can't waiiiit
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tramy said...

HAHA! what a funny teacher you have! zombie killing. ROFL.

aivilo relluf said...

Hahah, yeah. So many bad things about the fair, yet it's irresistable to go every year :p. How do they do it?!

And I can't wait to get the zombie story today, he seems like such a funny d00d. I can't believe we're back in school again, until NEXT summer. Ugh. Atleast that sexy woman was wearing a sleeveless shirt ;), that made my day!

Nicole Linette said...

Haha yeah I wanted to wear jeans the first day too but settled with shorts so I wouldn't die. Today was even worse D:! (in case you didn't know I'm from Western ny hahaa) That's rad your first day went well.

But personally, I believe it allll goes downhill from there :(

Hahahaa but at least YOUR US History teacher sounds like a fool (a cool one), mine's just standoffish and likes to make fun of me. Ha!

And the Kings of Leon? They look 185742184203 times better than I in skinny jeans ;P


aivilo relluf said...

Si si, Senorita >:{P

I'm sorry I went without you, however woman, you were in Vermont anyways, haha. And really, there wasn't much to look at, no huge deals or cool new things. I managed to get like a tshirt and a spaghetti strap basically.

And thankyou, I'm getting better :), and hopefully I'll be restored to normal by tomorrow, with the exception of the sniffles. They never go away.

Bah, that does suck you have to wait longer, but hey. I might fail. Plus when you drive, they're buying you a car of your own. I have to share >:[. So we both have some benefits it seems. Atleast you'll have me to be your personal taxi! As long as you buy me one of those cool caps they wear.


aivilo relluf said...

That's exactly what you are, my friend :P! Ahhhh, I can't believe of all the days I missed, it was the day Cusson gave our class the zombie story. Damnit, damnit, damnit.

aivilo relluf said...

Hahah, I know. I'll have to take you to check it out some time, it's awesome.

I like how we car shop like women :P! And I know, I know, I'm lucky, but I will be paying for it, and atleast now you have another source of transportation :D. We're going to have some pretty awesome trips, I'm sure of it.

Skippy said...

Haha, all your new pictures rock. I like the black and white ones the BEST...but kissing pineapples...wild.

Izzy said...

I <3 KOL!!!!