Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's on it's way.

Its official. School is on it's way.I got my schedule today.To me it's just so damn depressing on how they send these things in the mail while there is still a good chuck of summer left to go.It makes me feel as if school is next WEEK or something.It's bringing back the memories of waking up at the break of dawn,going to a building and staying there for 6 hours, having to see people you don't even want to see,having to have to concentrate on whats going on in each class, studying for tests everyweek (not to mention that i STILL have to go back and re-take all those regents that i failed)having deadlines,and going home for a certain amount of time and worrying about when you're going to start/finish your homework, and then going to bed much earlier because you have the same routine in the morning. I like being carefree, waking up at 11 everyday, and just doing whatever the hell you want with whomever you want to..Just not having a care. Now i feel like summer is pratically over now that there is only 26 days left. And also soccer is starting up again, around the 20th i think?Ihave a feeling it's not going to be as good this year as it was last year.A good handful of people that are my friends are not going to be on the team this year. Binky,and Shayla(who graduated this year) and Julie( who just doesn't want to play) plus theres going to be a bunch of new rookies who are in like..8th grade. meh. I'm really hoping that this school year will be much better. /rant.

Only a few days untill my relatives from Germany come up to visit! I have to give up my nice big room and transfer down to the cold basement. But it's not like our basement is like dusty and moldy and used for storage. We fixed it up so it looks quite alright now a days. Theres a spare room at the end of our stairway which i'll be staying. it's so small compared to my normal room. I can only fit a little kid bed, a dresser and MAYBE my desk. Maybe staying in this little room will make me appreciate my original room better. But anyway, When my relatives come up we're going to go to Scroon Lake for a few days at this camp (which is actually my mom's boss's spare house and they're letting us stay there. They're so nice!)I'm not sure if i want to bring anybody along with me, it'd be a chance just to get away.Plus hopefully i can get alot more reading done. I havent been getting as much reading done as last year. (Last year i was in summer school for math and i had to wait 2 hours for my ride home) ahh i get too off topic, plus also along with reading i can take some pretty nice photos for my photography class.

oh crap gotta stop here, getting yelled at for not clearing out my room!
: )

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aivilo relluf said...

Ughhh I know dude >:[ school is coming way too fast. Like, damn. It's aggravating. Ahh it's so cool your German relatives are coming so soon :). I wonder if your Grandpa will wear a speedo again.. harhar. I know you invited me to the lake with you, but if you want the time to yourself to read and just relax, it's fine :), I understand. Just let me know if you decide you do want me along, so I can request the days off.