Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh summer days

oh summer days how i love you, how i love sleeping in until the afternoon, how i love how i never know what the day is, how I love the warmness, how i love that there is no snow whatsoever,how i love laying in the green grass watching the clouds form, how i love only seeing my true friends whenever i want during anytime of the day, how i love not seeing people i do not like in a place i do not like going to, how i love that there is no school, how i love having more pleasent dreams.

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aivilo relluf said...

I agree :), I loved it at the lake. Hopefully we get to go back again soon. The book release party was great too, haha. BRAGGING RIGHTS!! Whatta guy, whatta guy.

Yeah, sure :) it's not too hard once you get it figured out.